4 Reasons Why Tyreserv Is A Great Tyre Provider

Every car owner has at one time or the other has had to handle an emergency car puncture. Could be waking up to a flat tyre; or worse, getting a puncture while driving. Each scenario can be greatly inconveniencing. At TyreServ, we pride ourselves in providing you with professional, affordable and satisfying tyre fitting services. We don’t just serve you for the moment you’re around; we also furnish you with vital tips on how to confront any eventualities that may come up when you’re driving or are in need of a tyre repair.

  1. Mobile tyre fitting; TyreServ is fast, convenient and affordable. Besides, we operate 7 days a week which means whenever you need us, we’re just a phone call away. Our staff and technicians are some of the best you can find around in terms of qualifications and experience. You can thus always count on our quality services to serve you well.  The fact that we have mobile units that can come to serve you at your home, work place, in the road or wherever you’re stranded makes us your best bet anytime, any day. Like aforementioned, we’re just a phone call away!
  2. Wheel balancing; having unbalanced wheels can be very dangerous as they can easily cause accidents. While nowadays one can try balancing the wheels even at home, the wheels can easily go back to the unbalanced position which is very disappointing. TyreServ provide efficient wheel balancing services using the latest technology so that you won’t have to worry about the matter again.
  3. Battery fitting; there is everything to worry about when you have a flat battery especially in an area you have no hope of getting a fix. TyreServ always has a solution for you as we will get a way to get to you for battery fitting. Whether it is a new battery you require or want to charge, we will help you out
  4. Puncture repair and corporate tyre check; our services are holistic and thorough. This is to say that we also provide corporate tyre check, for instance the pressure or the tyre depth. When you visit our tyre fitting center, we always conduct a thorough check of the tyres so that we pinpoint even the smallest signs of damage that may lead to bigger punctures in future.


For all your car tyre services, TyreServ is your best bet. We are professional; we are affordable, and better still, always flexible to serve you from where it’s convenient.

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