Hiring a Magician Oxford

Magician Oxford is a recognized name in the world of magic. He feels that magic is a healthy way of entertainment, so he used a mix of magic, music and theater to make it more interesting and fulfilled. He wants to expose the abuse of magic, so that in all his shows, he shows how a part is easy to deceive people through the use of magic. He likes to educate people through his shows and show them how easy it is to use magic to fool people. He will perform for the children from the most to catch them and they learn very young. Magician Oxford is a wizard of more than 10 years, performing over a thousand performances in India and abroad, he began performing magic at a very young age of 5 years. He has performed in almost all European countries, including Japan and Russia. Now he focuses on children and performing shows at schools also promote in different parts of India how to be aware of the magic abuse among children. He also works at a small workshop to learn and fun with magic using to design small house holds one easy to use chemicals.


Magician Oxford Has Performed Magic shows at:


  • Birthday Parties
  • Marriage
  • Hotel
  • School
  • Promotion Events
  • Corporate parties
  • Corporate launching